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Analyzing Survey Responses in Qualtrics

Analyzing Survey Responses in Qualtrics

Workshop Description

This interactive workshop provides an overview of the analytic tools built-in to the Qualtrics survey platform. While the focus is on the analysis of responses within Qualtrics, we will highlight ways that the previous survey design enables or constrains certain types of analysis. We will also mention analytic techniques appropriate for surveys that are not readily available in Qualtrics, but are provided in other software tools.

This interactive session will use illustrative survey responses from a synthetic pedagogical assessment. Attendees should come with laptops.

Software Used: an account with Yale's instance of Qualtrics


This workshop covers:

  • the types of analysis available within Qualtrics
  • the situations where these types of analysis appropriate
  • which survey design decisions are amenable to analysis inside Qualtrics and which are not
  • the types of analysis that must be done outside of Qualtrics

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