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Hiring Assistance

Hiring Assistance

Quantitative research across all disciplines is increaslingly complex. Many times it involves more skillsets than any one researcher or discipline-specific research team can have.

In some cases, the StatLab can provide direct project collaboration. However, even when that isn't possible, we can help you hire a dedicated assistant with the right skillset.

How we help you hire

Depending on what the research team needs, we can help you:

  1. define the specific skills and expertise you are looking for
  2. prepare a job description for you to post with the Yale Student Employment Office, share via email, or distribute in any other way
  3. review and interview applicants for the position
  4. support your new hire with our Walk-In Help sessions or Workshop Instruction as needed

We suggest researchers publicize and hire students through the Yale Student Employment Office. Using Yale's institutional system centralizes the time logging and paying of assistants. We also distribute job descriptions via the StatLab Research Opportunities mailing list.

Because of the varied needs of schools, programs, and researchers, we can not:

  • manage job postings the Yale Student Employment Office or other services
  • provide technical supervision to the assistant for the research team
  • provide administrative support for the research team

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