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Collaborative Project Support

Collaborative Project Support

In some cases, the StatLab team can work right alongside your project team. For contained, but critical contributions, this may be the ideal approach.

Our ability to help in this way is determined by the size of our team, the number of ongoing commitments, and the nature of the work we would be supporting.

In the past, we've helped to:

  • parse data files out of a deprecated format into a common format
  • scrape data from publicly available websites
  • execute complex power analysis calculations for grant-writing

To find out if this is possible, please send us an email.

Other options

When direct staff collaboration from the StatLab isn't feasible, there may still be other options.

We can help you hire dedicated student assistants to work on your schedule hiring assistance.

Other groups or opportunities across the Yale community may fit better into your need:

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