We work with teachers, learners, and researchers at Yale University to support data analysis.

How we support you

We work with all members of the Yale University community from undergraduate students to faculty and research staff. From the School of Law to the School of Management and the School of Nursing.

Our most common services are described above, but it is the Yale community members that help shape the support we provide.

Our primary location is in the Center for Science and Social Science Information. But, whether at West Campus, the VA Hospital, or on Science Hill we can meet you where you are.

Did you know we are hiring?

Whether you use field surveys to predict the outbreak of civil war, machine learning to find aesthetic patterns in 18th-century paintings, interactive data visualizations to track instances of textual reuse in Classical literature, or big data technologies to identify systemic drivers of gene expression, we want to hear from you. Your data might come from surveys, text, assays, pixels, networks, experiments, simulations, or audio recordings --- we are looking for team members who work with any of it.

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